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Woman Gets the Coolest Palm Tattoo Inspired By the Band System of a Down

Ouch! This must have been torture!

Whereas some people like to get their idol's portrait tattooed on them, others just go with lines of their favorite lyrics.

Such as this tattoo enthusiast and TikTok creator tattoo babiii, who decided to get a few lines of her favorite song "Lonely Day" tattooed on a very tough spot on her body. Let's check it out.


If you don't have palm tattoos, it certainly is a 10/10 pain level - at least for me - and I got both of them tattooed. It's between laughing, and crying at the same time, as a lot of nerves run through your hands, so it's definitely not a spot for the weak. 

And not only did she get her palm tattooed, but also the inside of her fingers.

Which, don't get me wrong, the tattoos look awesome, but my oh my that might have taken a while, as the finger tattoos are so intricate. 

And when you tattoo the palm and inside fingers, you - as the tattoo artist - want to make sure, the ink stays in. 

As you can see in the video, her palm tattoo reads,

"Take your hand & walk away."

Which is a reference to System of a Down's song "Lonely Day."

One of my favorite songs of all time, as well.

And her finger tattoos remind me of leaves or filigree.

It looks stunning!

If you're interested in booking an appointment with her tattoo artist Davina, you should.

According to this creator, this palm tattoo was ruthless, but the finger tattoos weren't too bad. She also mentioned that regarding it fading or needing a touch-up, it depends on the artist. Her left palm tattoo was done five years ago and never needed a touch-up.

TikTok was impressed as well and also wanted to know how bad this hurt.

As TikToker @erica._michelle asked,

"Okay serious question how was your palm pain on a 1-10 scale and does it fade quickly?"

To which the creator replied,

"Fingers were about 6/7, palm bit 8/9, my other palm was more intricate so that was a 10 but that’s been solid for 5 years no touch-ups, just depends!"

Good to know!

And TikToker @karlynic0le commented,

"Favorite palm tattoo I have ever seen! Came out beautifully."

I totally agree.