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Woman Gets a Surface Piercing as Alternative to Belly Button Ring

At least it won't snag.

You ever have something that no matter what it is, you will always find a way to get it back again? This woman said she couldn't live without a surface piercing, and this piercer documented the entire process of her getting one. 

See how it went. 

TikToker @therealtattoodedication finally gave his client what she didn't want to live without: a surface piercing below the belly button. 

We watched as he cleaned and measured the area to pierce horizontally and positioned the clamps. 

"Always use a staple type bar for this type of piercing," he said, as he inserted the needle through her skin. 

He cleaned up the area and showed the end result, which revealed a shiny double crystal ring. Within the comments someone mentioned how this piercing doesn't have a lot of room for swelling. 

@therealtattoodedication responded, "Surface piercings don't swell much so it's not necessary to use a bigger bar!"

Not a lot of people within the comments liked this surface piercing and thought the client should have just gotten a regular belly button piercing. 

"I have and had a lot of piercings...this is one I will not be getting," one person said. Another commenter said, "I don’t like it.. come for me."

Other people were concerned that this piercing would reject because of the way it sits in the skin. 

"Am I the only one that think I can see the jewelry thru ha skin," one person said. Another commenter said, "I feel like it’ll reject within the first 3-6 months of having it. 😅😅😅."

People who also had this piercing shared that this surface piercing does in fact often reject and leave a scar. 

Now, how soon it rejects varies. But who knows, it may not reject at all. At least this won't snag on your jeans like a belly button piercing