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Watch This Tattoo Artist Share His Stippling Technique Which Can Be Helpful For Newcomers

It looks so cool!

You've probably seen all different kinds of tattoos, where many are done with different strokes to create lines and shadings, and others are done with dots and stipple work.

Tattoo artist Tyler Nicholas (@tattoosbytyler_st) shares his technique of stippling in this video. And it's worth checking out. 

So cool!

I don't know what's more daunting to accomplish, line work or dot work. But as you can see in his video, he creates a dotted outline first. He then does the lighter area and goes from light to dark - which makes sense. So the lighter area has dots more spaced out, whereas the darker area has all the space filled in with dots, creating an illusion of it being darker. 

You can practice this technique first with a cheaper tattoo machine and a pencil on paper, as you would practice linework and shading before you try it out on actual skin. 

I'd assume creating linework made with dots is a lot easier than tattooing straight lines but I can be wrong, as I'm not a tattoo artist. Tyler also mentioned in the comments section of his video, to use black ink and to be going the correct depth. This means slowing down, as going too fast will make the dots look grey. 

The set speed of the tattoo machine is one of the most crucial aspects for a tattoo to come out great, aside from obtaining years of experience and a certain artistic skill set - of course. Regardless, tattooing and developing a certain technique takes time. And practice makes perfect.