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This Tattoo Artist Does a Really Cute Stick and Poke Tattoo - On Herself

It looks stunning!

There are times when a tattoo artist isn't that busy and these times are always great for tattooing oneself. And since tattooing oneself is usually encouraged - why not spend a rainy day giving oneself a hand-poked tattoo? Keep in mind that both hurt but the stick-and-poke version is a bit more tedious, even more so on oneself. 

As tattoo artist Jordan (@upsidedown.clouds) shares in her video, she decided to give herself a new tattoo - hand-poked of course. Certainly, a great way to kill some time.  


It looks so cute!

If you've never gotten a hand-poked tattoo, be prepared that it usually takes a lot longer, as it is a slower process than a tattoo received with a tattoo machine - but it is also a fun process. 

As you can see, the tattoo design is a rain cloud with raindrops pouring down - quite perfect for a rainy day. Jordan uses a single needle, which looks like a 1-round liner or a 3-round liner, taped to a tongue depressor, black ink, and most importantly - a good stencil. 

Since it takes a while, she split the work into two days - which makes sense, as I could only imagine the hand that does the work getting heavy after a while. Toward the end, Jordan saturates the tattoo in black ink before she wipes it clean. And although this was only for the reveal - as she mentioned in the comments section - it's a technique many artists actually use, especially with white ink. 

As you can see, it came out great. I am impressed!