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Steve-O Details His “Dumbest” Tattoos and Honestly They’re Pretty Funny

He’s definitely got a unique sense of humor.

If you have some questionable- or "dumb" tattoos that you regret, you aren't the only one. There are a lot of people who might regret their tattoo decisions, such as this woman regarding her sugar skull face tattoo.

JackA$$ legend Stevie-O, however, is probably on top of the list of people you could think of, who have some questionable tattoos. 

Stevie-O himself knows that as well. From his huge selfie portrait on his back to a bunch of other "interesting" tattoos, to say the least. It seems as if his list is endless.

In this video, he explains a few of his "dumb" decisions. Such as the time when he was in Thailand and decided to get the same tattoo Angelina Jolie has on her back. The one in Sanskrit that is a protection spell for her son Maddox! Yes, that one, which he also got done by the same "holy man" - as Stevie-O calls him - just like Jolie did.

But that's not the only Jolie tattoo he got.

We all remember the time when Jolie married actor Billy Bob Thornton and got a '90s-style dragon tattoo with his name tattooed on her arm. However, she then ended up lasering that off because they ended up getting divorced.

Stevie-O on the other hand seems to still have Billy Bob Thornton tattooed on him. 

He also got a tattoo of a marijuana leaf and the initial of a French radio host, which he immediately erased with a cigarette! 


He eventually turned the Mary Jane leaf into a palm tree when he decided to start surfing. 

Although he got a few "dumb" and offensive tattoos covered or even removed, he still has a whole collection of memories.