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Video Proves That Sometimes Placing a Stencil is Harder Than Doing the Actual Tattoo

But is also, as evidenced, super worth it.

Many people may not realize that getting a big tattoo or even a very complex and detailed tattoo design requires many stencils to place it on the person's body.

This tattoo artist showed us how difficult placing stencils can be, but the result is worth the trouble. 

Orlando based tattoo artist @modifiedtattoos walked us through placing the stencils for a very complex design. Text on the video said, "when the stencil takes longer than the tattoo."

Their client's tattoo design included horizontal parallel lines, a snake, flowers, branches, and so much more. 

They first started by placing the lines and going back over it with sharpie marker. They then placed the snake's head, and flowers.

From the looks of it, the tattoo artist may have even freehanded some of the design.

Just from looking at the stencils and marker on the client, there's no way to tell how all of these different designs would make one cohesive piece.

But the results were amazing, the artist really pulled it together and made it make sense.

Commenters also agreed that the vision wasn't clear initially, but the tattoo turned into a great piece of work. 

"I don’t know why I thought pieces like this were all one stencil but now I know lol," one person said. Another said, "free handed the snake? impressive. couldn’t be me."

Other people shared what they would have done differently with this design. "I like the idea of having a tattoo broken up like this but in the space between threads or gears and pistons holding it together," one said.

You really have to give credit to tattoo artists for mastering all the many things that go into tattooing.