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Tattoo Artist Throws Ink Across Clients Back to Make Interesting and Totally Unique Splatter Tattoo

Would you be brave enough to get this done?

Some things that don't make sense, you have to just trust the process, or trust the person involved. In this case, the tattoo artist. 

This artist threw ink across their client's back, making a very cool tattoo design.

Tattoo artist @cobrainktattoo really thought outside of the box and outside of the tattoo shop when he came up with this design.

Somehow he convinced his client to stand outside and let him splatter black ink across their back.

He went in and dripped ink from the nape of his client's neck and then proceeded to go in closer to spray more ink in diagonal directions. 

The end result was the coolest back tattoo to ever exist. It makes us wonder if he freehanded on top of the ink used the ink as the outline and went in afterwards to shade. 

Either way, this was such a unique tattoo design idea and many commenters loved it. 

"This would be awesome as like a filler on a sleeve," one person said. Another person said, "As a tattoo fanatic…. I thoroughly love this idea."

Some people said they would never get it, but that they liked the idea. 

"Never would get it but it looks cool," one person said. Another commenter said, "I love abstract art but I don't know if would tattoo it on my entire back."

The ink splatter look may not be for everyone, but we should all appreciative how unique this tattoo artist gets to come up with something for their client.