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Artist Makes Snake Tattoo Look Like It’s Actually Wrapping Around Her Collarbone

We love a good optical illusion tattoo.

Tattoos are a unique type of art that can transcend cultures, styles, designs, font, and so many more creative things. Your tattoo's placement can play a part in how it will look, as well.

Check out this woman's tattoo that makes you want to consider other tattoos in that same place.

Tattoo artist has great skill and it showed when he did this tattoo of a snake for his client. They specialize in micro realism tattoos and made this snake look too real.

The snake appeared to wrap around the client's collar bone like it would be on a tree branch and we can't unsee how cool this is.

The shading and shadow of the snake is what gives this tattoo the optical illusion effect. It might even look like it moves, too.

The scales of the snake appear to be fine lined and very detailed for such a small area.

We can't imagine how painful this tattoo was for the client, but by the looks of it, it was so worth it,

That area has a lack of fatty tissue, which means that it's super sensitive and boney. Doing any heavy lifting, or anything requiring your arms is probably a no go as this tattoo heals.

The way that the snake sits on the collar bone makes you love this placement even more, especially how it looks like the snake slithered from the shoulder and comfortably wrapped around the bone.

Let us know what type of tattoos you have on your collar bone and how painful the tattoo was.