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Woman Shares Why Her Smart Watch Doesn't Properly Work on Her Tattooed Arm

Who knew tattoo ink could interefere?

If you have had an MRI done while being heavily tattooed, you might have heard that the magnetic fields and the metals in your tattoo ink don't really get along. The same can be applied to electronics, such as your smartwatch. Who knew?

TikTok creator Sara experienced that first hand when she got herself a new smartwatch, only to find out that it doesn't properly work - thanks to her tattoos. Let's find out why!

What a bummer!

As she shares in her video,

"If you are somebody who's fairly heavily tattooed and you were thinking about getting an Apple Watch (or any smartwatch)- you might wanna think twice. [...] because it does not read the biometrics or even recognize that it's on my arm through my tattoos."

The reason for this, according to Apple Support, is that the sensors in the Apple Watch have trouble reading through the tattoos, as "The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings."

That's wild! Sara mentioned the sensor part in her video as well. 

There is also a hack, apparently, and according to Sara it "involves putting an epoxy sticker over the sensor(s), but then it loses some functionality which seems… not great!" 

TattooTok was also shocked and frustrated with any smartwatch out there.

As TikToker @yungg250 commented,

"This is so insane. I bought another one thinking mine was just glitchy."

That's a lot of money!

To which Sara replied,

"That was me with my Fitbit when I first got it bc it kept saying to put it on when it was on! Just happened to google about tattoos and sure enough."

Apple and FitBit, if you read this - please do better and don't exclude people with tattoos. Thank you!