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Tattoo Artists Reveal How Much They Think a Sleeve Tattoo Should Cost

The answers are all over the place.

Getting a sleeve tattoo is not for the weak, it's time consuming and a lot of space to cover for designs. 

Many tattoo artists shared how much they think a sleeve tattoo should cost and the price ranged per artist.

A commenter asked @markdtattoo how much for a sleeve, which caused for several tattoo artists in their tattoo shop to give an answer. 

The first person to answer said that they'd charge $2 million for a sleeve, while another person answered $69, which is obviously too low of a price to charge to tattoo a person's entire arm.

One tattoo artist said that she doesn't like that question and explained why. "Each arm is different, each design is different," they said. 

Another artist didn't even answer the question but gave a side eye, while the last person to answer said, "sleeves cost as much as cars do."

People within the comments shared how much their sleeves had cost them. 

"I have a half sleeve and cost me 2k," one person said. Their sleeve was a realism tattoo. Another person said that their samoan sleeve tattoo had cost $1,000.

Many other commenters decided to make fun of the artists' answers. One person said, ""i do not like that question" why r we gonna offend the sleeve."

Another person said, "they don't like the question bc depending on the design and size of the arm it could take longer than expected."

That is a hard question to answer, but it depending on the design makes sense. A patchwork sleeve is definitely different that a black out sleeve tattoo.