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Watch This Artist Take a Wild Sharpie Design to an Intricate Tattoo

We were worried for a sec there

You ever watch someone do something and think you know what's going to happen next, but then they throw your for a loop and you're stunned. 

Yeah, that's exactly what happened in this video. Check out this tattoo artist's video where he hints to his design using a sharpie marker. 

Tattoo artist @findyoursmiletattoos really had us going with that voice and the drawing on the back of his client's calf. 

"Hey what's up guys, I think I can finally stump you with what I'm doing today," he said. "There's the crazy little teeth right there, then the nose, and then he's got some eyeballs in his face."

At first glance, it looked like a scary clown wearing a colored shirt, but that quickly changed when he revealed that the tattoo was Disney's character, Hades. 

The guesses in the comments were all over the place. One person said, "Thought it was one of the kids from the Nightmare before Christmas. Love it."

Others said, "Thought it was count chocula for sure ngl" and "Amazing! I don’t know why I screamed Hercules tho."

One person wasn't fooled by  @findyoursmiletattoos shenanigans and got it spot on. 

"I heard fire hair and immediately thought hades! Hercules is my top favorite Disney movie. I have his medallion on my shoulder," they said. 

This video is a prime example of trusting the process and seeing it through until the end. He's definitely got some talent and a good concept for derailing us from figuring out his designs.