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Woman Confesses She Plays With Her Septum Piercing for the Smell

If you know, you know?

For whatever reason, whenever you get a new piercing, once it's healed it becomes something that you play with. You don't even realize that you're twisting your nose rings or sliding your belly ring up and down, but some of us do it.

This woman revealed the main reason she likes playing with her septum, and believes so many people can relate. 

TikToker @spookyjc found the perfect sound to explain her playful habit. In her video, she visibly played with her septum. 

Someone parodied how someone seeing her do that would most likely ask, "what are you doing" and the sound that she found responded saying, "bruh, that's a problematic question."

It's true, how do you explain the fact that you play with your septum piercing only to get a whiff of its smell.  

Spooky said in her caption, "the girls who know, know," and so many people within the comments knew exactly the smell she referred to. Many felt seen. 

"I thought i was the only one 😂," one person said. Another person said, "Yeah stinks of cheese the smell after it’s healed properly."

Apparently the smell won't go away...ever. Another person said, "So, I took my septum ring out like 9 years ago, and I just want you guys to know I still randomly get hints of that smell if I rub my nose or something. It don’t go away lol."

Many people were concerned that they don't have a smell with their septum piercing (or were nose blind) and didn't understand what Spooky meant, but on the other hand, people knew the smell and smell it with other piercings besides the septum. 

"I don’t smell anything with my septum… my gauges though… 😳 🧀 🫕," one person said. Another person said, "I have a septum piercing and I don’t have a smell so I’m confused."

Whether you play with your piercings or not, from time to time,  you may notice a smell. It's probably a good idea to clean them regularly with or without a smell just because gunk can build up on and around them.