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Piercer Shares Why Your Septum Piercing Might be Crooked

Is it or is it not deviated?

A deviated septum occurs when the thin wall in between your nasal passages is lodged to one side more than the other.

This can pose an issue when getting your septum pierced, but this piercer helps explain why it may just be crooked and not deviated.

"So let's say you do have a deviated septum, piercer @cassisoclassy said. "There's absolutely no reason why your septum piercing can't be done and can't be done straight," she said.

Cassi stitched a TikToker's video whose septum piercing jewelry hung longer in one passageway and was told that it was deviated. She quickly told the TikToker what was up.

"What's happening with your septum piercing has absolutely nothing to do with your deviation," she said. "It has to do with the angle the piercing was done at."

Using a chopstick, Cassi demonstrated how her piercing had to have been done to make her piercing jewelry hang unevenly out of her nose.

She said, "It's actually going downward in one direction, which in turn makes it so that there's a lot more space on one side of the ring."

Cassi said that any reputable piercer would have realized they messed up and would have tried to fix it.

Commenters had opinions on why the TikToker was told she had a deviated septum in the first place. 

"My gut tells me the pierced lied to her about having a deviated septum to cover for his mistake...." one person said.

Others shared what happened when they got their deviated septums pierced. 

"I was told my piercing would be like that if i’d get mine pierced. got it done anyway somewhere else and it was fine💀," one person said. Another said, "I had mine done four times. The last guy figured it out and had me comeback in a week to get it re-pierced and it’s all good still 6 years later."

Sheesh, that is a lot of piercings in one spot. Unlike tattoos that are pretty permanent, piercings can close up,  heal, and be done again. 

Don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you're unsure about your nose's anatomy before a nose piercing.