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This Tattoo Artist Gives Her Client a Self-Love Tattoo and It’s Perfect

Such a great idea!

People get tattooed for different reasons but oftentimes the process of getting tattooed helps overcome internal distress and work through trauma. Or for some, it can also mean advocating for a mental health disorder, such as anxiety. There is just something quite therapeutic about getting tattooed, and although painful - it almost feels as if with every stroke the tattoo needle penetrates the skin, a little bit of internal pain is being released with the external pain. 

And when it comes to self-love and self-acceptance, this journey can be a painful one. The client of tattoo artist @yuvalbenjo probably felt the same, so she decided to get a tattoo representing self-love. Take a look for yourself. 

Makes me want to get one myself now. 

Self-love is so important - if not the most important aspect of one's healing journey. 

This tattoo is perfect. It's simple yet dramatic but only consists of a black outline - no color - and a little shading. It is also very feminine. The design represents a female body that is hugging itself, which is the indicator for self-love, and instead of a head - flowers are coming out, representing one's beauty.

We all need a reminder that we are beautiful the way we are and beauty and self-love start within, and so does change. Therefore it is important to embrace it. 

There are many different ways how a self-love tattoo can be designed, depending on the style you prefer. As you can see, this tattoo artist does a lot of fine-line tattoos with a touch of Japanese style tattoos. 

Probably one of my favorite tattoos I've seen.