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Maori Family Captures Emotional “Tattoo Session” and It’s So Beautiful

In some cultures, tattooing is truly sacred.

Some people like to have people with them during their piercing and tattoo appointments for support and company. But can you imagine your immediate family being present?

This Maori family shared a tattooing ceremony and it's amazing to witness.

Beautiful voices all sang in unison, as @iitsameamaori captured a Maori woman's tattooing ceremony. 

The Maori people are the Indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. They are known for their full-body and face tattoo traditions.

How refreshing it was to see how the entire family got involved to support this person as they get their Moko kauae. This type of tattoo is done on the lips and chin of Maori women. 

These tattoos symbolize a woman's status, abilities, and leadership with her community.

This emotional tattoo session was appreciated by several commenters who've never seen something like this.

"The most beautiful thing of the Maori culture, is the family aspect and the emotions they all share as one," one person said. Another said, "I feel honored to have been able to watch her have her Moko Kauae done. Goosies. Ty for sharing!"

Having family present seems to play a big part in Maori culture and seeing the importance of family displayed via Tiktok is something others also love to see.

"One of my favorite things about Tik-tok is getting to see others cultures and ceremonies. This is amazing and thank you for sharing. 💜💜," one person said.

This video showed one of the many ways the art of tattooing has remained a sacred practice in some cultures.