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Psychic Medium Shares Meaning Behind Tattoos on Your Right Arm

Who knew your tattoo placement was subconsciously intentional.

One day you decide to get a tattoo. You find an artist, talk it over, and you're all set up for the session. You decide to get the design on your right arm. 

This psychic medium shares reasons you may have decided to get a tattoo specifically there.

Psychic medium @meredyth_with_a_why might be onto something the way she reads everyone who has a tattoo on their right arm.

"That tattoo that you put on your right arm has much to do with your helplessness or power on your feminine side," Meredyth said. 

She mentioned how the feminine side of the body is always up for debate, but she would not be debating it. 

Meredyth also said that the right arm has to do with creativity and what you needed help with. Whew, what a revelation!

Several commenters shared what tattoos they have on their right arms. "I have a rose 🌹 right side forearm for my mom when she passed away 😞," one said. 

This video ignited emotions in several commenters who had sentimental pieces on their right arm.

"I just looked at my arm and cried," a commenter said, and another said, "I feel like this video was posted for me ! I have a very special and emotional pice on my right arm 🥰."

Meredyth ended the video saying that nothing is by chance. This kind of gives us goosebumps.

Learning what right art tattoo placements mean, what tattoos did you place there? We wanna know, was she right about you?