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Man Comes For People Who Claim That Rib Tattoos Hurt

Some people's pain tolerance is different

The chest and ribs are said to be very painful places to get tattoos, which makes sense because there is a lot of bone to go over.

This man called people out for claiming that rib tattoos hurt and we were not prepared to see his own rib tattoo.

In a stitch video, tattoo cartoonist @brawnsoone_tattoo commented on how a woman said that the most painful spot she got tattooed was on her ribs. 

"This drives me f*cking nuts guys, rib tattoos don't f*cking hurt at all," he said. 

He went on to say that he didn't cry and barely even blinked when getting his rib tattoo. 

Confidently, he showed the camera his rib tattoo, and immediately, we understood why he made such a statement. 

His rib tattoo was an actual tattoo of a rack of ribs right above his ankle. He ended the video saying, "it's not a big deal."

@Brawnsoone_tattoo gets points for being funny, but this was obviously misleading and incorrect. This tattoo made us wonder we he even had a rack of ribs tattooed on his leg in the first place, but to each their own tattoo.

Commenters were also amused by this joke that he made and wondered his reason for this tattoo as well. 

"OH MY GOD I HOPE YOU GOT THAT JUST FOR THIS JOKE," one person said. To that he responded, "I will neither confirm or deny this rumors."

Another person said, "I just have the word BBQ on my ribs. Wish I got ribs on my ribs instead."

Why are people so clever? Luckily, we have more than one rib, so there is enough space to add any other clever and punny things to the area.