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Woman Floored That Artist Only Got Through One Letter for Her Rib Tattoo

They hit different.

Yes, tattoos hurt. But for many people, pain is also considered pleasure and it could also feel therapeutic. It also depends on placement, some parts of the body hurt more than others. However, be prepared that big pieces on the back or rib cage not only feel crucial, but they can also feel like a longer process than other tattoos.

TikTok creator Genesis Batista shares a video of her friend Julia, who got her first rib tattoo experience, and it looks like a long and painful session. Let's take a look! 

Ouch! I remember getting my ribs tattooed. Let me just say that they aren't finished and I got them tattooed in 2011 or 2012. I am not sure I'll ever finish them, to be honest. 

Julia's facial expression is hilarious, as she goes,

"One letter?! That's it? You need to hurry up there, buddy!"

I can't blame her, I've been through the same.

People on TikTok also chimed in and shared their painful experiences.

As TikToker @mnm._94 wrote,

"The face of being in pure pain and trying to concentrate lol then the realization."

That's the worst, focusing on the pain and thinking about how long it will take. It's better to somehow distract.

Another person (@vike3090) posted,

"My first one was on my ribs. All because a dude said I wouldn't be able to hold it. I did....but damn lol."

Wow, that's a bet!

And TikToker @sabrinaaa0328 commented,

"The shading is what was so bad I wanted to cry with my rib tattoo it’s a tender spot for sure."

Most definitely. And so are the chest area and collarbone, which is another piece that's half-done because it's just so painful!