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The Best Tattoos For Those Seeking Revenge

The barbed wire heart is so accurate

Love can make you do some crazy things (so we've heard). That also applies for what it can make you do after the fact when you've gotten your heartbroken.

Instead of busting windows out of your ex's car, this tattoo artist came up with tattoos that those seeking revenge can get instead. 

"Send this to the friend that's heard all your story times about that person," tattoo artist @jordxn.nicole said. 

Oof, that friend is tired of hearing about the person who broke our heart, but these tattoos embody all that we feel.

Jordan did an excellent job at designing a set of super realistic eyes, but also have the look of revenge in the person's eyes. These eyes are matched with the words, "trust no one." 

We completely agree with that one because sometimes after getting your heart broken (or being cheated on), it usually makes you not want to trust anyone or put yourself out there...for a long time.

Some of her other designs include a barbed wire heart, the words "unfortunate turn of events," and the hand gesture for holding a gun, but with bloody fingers. Sheesh, we can feel the hurt in these designs. 

Commenters expressed their approval for these designs and how they've gotten something similar. One person said, "Are you joking. I have a barbed wire heart tattoo with trust no-one tatted inside it."

Another person said, "I am so getting you live you learn you upgrade tattooed on me. That is such a real thing that has happened to me. I love it."

Jordan's tattoo designs are testament to turning ill-feelings or a messed up situation into something creative. These tattoos are proof that you do in fact live, learn, and upgrade. You also move on, too.