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Black Woman Shares the Red Ink Healing Process and It’s Got People Wondering If It’s Worth It

It totally changes from start to finish.

The last thing you want to do is get a tattoo and it looks weird after going through the healing process. The process is the worst because it'll make you believe your tattoo is either messed up or infected.

Watch this woman's red ink tattoo and see how it looked different from its start to healed.

@Toniishaleese had us all worried when she posted her red ink healing process video. On day one, we saw that the got three fours vertically behind her ear.

The numbers looked super crisp and pigmented, but by day 3 the first number four looked crusted over and more so like a triangle or the letter "p."

Tonii used the perfect sound to demonstrate the frustration that comes along with the healing process. It screamed, "for the love of god...please...please...damn!!"

By day five, the other two number fours became crusty and one even seemed to have made the ink disappear. She showed the tattoo again on day seven and then finally what it looks currently. For the most part, it healed fine and is definitely a little lighter than when it was first done.

This process had several people in the comments sharing their experience with red ink and even made people want to change their mind about tattooing the color.

"Mine turned a light pink while healing and I was so scared it was infected but after seeing everybody’s I found out it’s normal 😭," one person said. Another said, "what a good five seconds of wanting a red ink tat."

The tattoo healing process will definitely humble you. It's one of those things where you have to make sure you're doing the right after care steps and trust the process.