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Watch This Artist Turn a Polaroid Picture Into an Insanely Realistic Tattoo

It looks so real!

If I was an artist, I would have become a tattoo artist myself but since I don't have any talent or skills, I continue to get tattooed instead. I am shocked, at how many talented artists exist who can transform anything from a picture or a painting into a tattoo on someone's skin, such as this realism tattoo of Eminem.

Tattoo artist Dylan Carr (@dylancarrtattoos) shares in his video, how he transformed a polaroid picture of someone's beloved dog into a photorealism tattoo galore.


This is so fascinating! Like how did he do that? What's his technique? 

And that's the key word; technique. Every artist has their own bag of tricks when it comes to technique. Anything from what machine and speed is being used to needle for lines and shading, as well as ink, and diluted ink. 

First things first, Dylan applied a stencil of the polaroid picture that has clean lines, so it will make it easier for him to know where to shade and use lines. 

Since it is a black and grey photorealism tattoo, he had to use different caps of black ink to create grey washes. To accomplish that he most certainly diluted the ink with distilled water, and probably also used some white ink for some highlights. 

Although it is a smaller portrait, it is not considered a micro realism tattoo because making this smaller would lose the aesthetic and details of the polaroid. Therefore, it had to be almost the same size as the actual polaroid to capture each detail perfectly. 

I'd say Dylan understood the assignment. Well done!