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Woman Gets Purple Permanent Makeup and It Looks Stunning

Now we want to try it!

As a cosmetic tattooer, you have the freedom to basically give yourself permanent makeup whenever you want, such as a rosy tint for your lips. This way, you can wake up looking great all the time, while you can sleep in and still get to work on time. Must be nice, and challenging!

Whereas cosmetic tattooer Saki Lee from New York City didn't give herself a permanent eyeliner, she still made a bold move on her client, who requested a rather non-traditional color for a permanent eyeliner. Let's find out what she did, exactly. 

I love how it came out!

It's subtle and actually looks like it's just makeup - which it technically is, just permanent. 

If you aren't familiar with permanent makeup, it is applied just like a tattoo, however, it is only injected into the upper layer of the dermis - just below the epidermis. Whereas tattoos go much deeper. That's why permanent makeup only last 2 - 5 years before it needs a color boost, according to Saki Lee. But this also depends on the person's skin.  

Also, the ink used for permanent makeup differs from regular tattoo ink. For permanent makeup, an iron oxide pigment in natural tones is used, whereas tattoo ink is derived from various heavy metals, including additives such as surfactants, fillers, preservatives, and binding agents.

TikTok loved this look too, according to the comments section.

As one TikToker (@simpletonne) wrote,

"I’d have to be very dedicated to purple!! But it looks amazing."

Definitely, but Saki Lee's client loved it and wanted purple eyeliner for years. She certainly was determined to fulfill that mission.

Another TikToker (@landofsoup) commented,

"I wish my girl would have told me purple was an option."

Where Saki Lee replied to,

"It's not generally an option, you’d likely have to inquire about other colors, and even then not all artists will do it."

Makes sense, as it isn't a naturally occurring pigment, such as brown or black.

And TikToker @s_law1 posted,

"I would so totally do this!"

Me too!

What about you?