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Woman Surprises Family With Tattooed Portrait of Deceased Mom and Their Reactions Are Everything

Such a beautiful way to honor her.

Losing a parent is something that feels like you'll never get over, and sometimes it brings you and all of your siblings closer. 

This woman surprised her siblings when she got a tattoo of their deceased mother on her arm. You can tell they miss her by their reactions. 

TikToker @michelle_lee02 knew exactly what she was doing when she asked her siblings to take a photo with her. 

Her brother stood next to her, making sure to give the camera complete eye contact. Michelle had to point to her arm for him to see the tattoo, and when he saw it, his jaw dropped.

He grabbed her arm to get a better look, and could do nothing but smile, hold her arm, and eventually kiss it. He ended up giving Michelle a big hug, as they laughed together.

Michelle's sister had a different reaction. After getting her sister to sit next to her for the pretend picture, she said something about her hair, which prompted her sister to look down and notice the tattoo. 

Her sister almost immediately covered her face and burst into tears. Aww, the love for their mom was evident in this video. 

People within the comments also had an emotional response to this video.

"I love how he grabbed your arm gently as if he was holding her face 🥰🥰🥰," one person said. Another commenter said, "I’m not crying your crying 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 so beautiful 🥰."

Their mom is truly missed by all of them and we're happy that they have something to remember her.