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TikToker Uses Filter to Decide Next Piercing

And it looks really good

Filters get a lot of pushback for making people appear more made up than they might actually be. They enhancements range from hair, makeup, to lashes.

This TikToker certainly has a thing for spontaneity, as she used a filter to decider her next piercing. 

TikToker @sanigo17 closed her eyes as the filter switched piercings on her face. She wanted to be surprised while deciding on her next piercing. 

Some of the piercings include a bridge piercing, cheek piercings, and nose. 

As soon as she opened her eyes and saw the placement, her eyes lit up with excitement to get a medusa piercing

This piercing sits right above your top lip and cupid's bow. She already had a septum piercing, so this new piercing would nicely pair with the septum. 

By the end of the video, she zooms in really close for the viewers to get a good look, and it looks great!

Commenters raved her courage to actually do it and how the piercing turned out. 

"Finally someone that actually does it 🥰," one person said. Another said, "Girl it looks amazing on you! 😍."

Another commenter recently had gotten the medusa piercing and came to warn her.

"Just got mine pierced Friday , prepare for hell week," they said. Sanigo17 responded that her lip has been swollen. Yikes, hope it gets better, because it's really cute. 

Let us know if you'd get a medusa piercing or if you'd let a filter decide your next one. This might be the spontaneity your life (and face) needs.