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Piercing Shop Shares Important Safety Measures on What Not to Do While Getting Pierced

Now it's a good time to take some notes.

Getting tattooed or pierced comes with its own set of rules and preparation, which is so important to follow. As a lot can go wrong during the piercing process if the client hasn't prepared themselves or is too anxious. 

Piercing shop Metal Morphosis shares in their video, what not to do while getting pierced, and this is so helpful and important to know! Let's find out more!

This makes sense!

According to the piercers at Metal Morphosis,

#1: "Never grab the piercer's hands while they are piercing you! (Ths is super dangerous)."

I can see this being dangerous, as they might not pierce you right and accidentally poke you with the needle or they can get poked with the needle after they have already pierced you. 

#2: "If you're not feeling well or you're scared, tell us! Don't suffer in silence - we're here to help."

Very important point. You have to feel comfortable with the person piercing you, as well as maintain your blood sugar. With that said, don't drink alcohol prior to your piercing appointment, stay hydrated, eat something filling at least two hours before, and have something sweet on hand, like candy. Although most piercing shops should already have the sweet part covered.

#3: "Don't start touching your fresh piercing straight after it's done! You're just putting bacteria in it."

I know this one is hard, but it is so important that you don't touch your fresh piercing with bare hands, so it can heal properly.

When it comes to the aftercare procedure, your piercer will tell you exactly what to do, and it is important to follow the instructions for your piercing to heal properly without any complications.