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Female Piercer Encourages Women to Get Intimate Piercings For Themselves, Not Their Partner

This could be a red flag.

Whereas tattoo artists have a list of red flags regarding their clients, piercers do too. 

Meet female piercer @dawnjeanelle, who shares a story of a client that should be a reminder for everyone who's getting anything pierced or tattooed, especially intimate ones. Let's find out what happened!

I totally agree! This is a reminder that whatever we put on our bodies is for us, not someone else. 

In the video, Dawn explained what happened. She had a couple come in and the woman wanted to get her nipples pierced. As Dawn set everything up and called the client into the room, she noticed her partner also got up and wanted to come in, to whom Dawn politely said that she doesn't have enough space and that only the client is allowed to come in. He didn't like that answer at all and didn't want to leave his partner alone in the room with Dawn, so he basically told her, that she can't get pierced. 

This screams red flags all the way.

As Dawn wrote in her caption,

"[...]. This experience truly hurt my heart because I saw how much she wanted to get this piercing. Too often I see partners who try to control what piercings their S/O gets and where. It is also another reason I only allow the person getting pierced to come into my piercing station. I want them to have a voice. [...] I don’t want anyone pressuring them from the sidelines. 

"Body piercings are a way to express ourselves and when someone else takes control over our bodies like that which I see all the time is just heartbreaking. I will always be that piercer who builds and lifts you up. I will help give you better self-confidence and I am and will always be a safe space for you to vent your problems and just be able to be yourself. It’s your body and no one has the right to tell you what to do with it. YOU WILL always be in control when in my space."

Well said!

The PiercingTok community also supported Dawn, looking at the comments section,

As TikToker @nmarmarasinksa commented,

"I’m glad you stand your ground."

I agree. This just shows that money isn't everything and as a piercer or tattoo artist, caring for your client's safety and well-being is also important.