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TikToker Jokes How People Use Piercings to Cope With Their Issues

This apparently is not a coping skill

We all have our habits that we do that help us deal with any issues that we may encounter, like maybe eating when we're sad (we didn't say they were healthy things).

This TikToker used a viral sound to come for people who use piercings to cope with their issues. 

TikToker @fionajerman had to include herself in on this joke because she, too, rocked many ear piercings. 

The sound for this video said, "oops, got your coping skills. Now, let's see what we got."

Fiona mouthed these words, as she pretended to grab something with her hand from mid air. When she opened her hand, she revealed the coping skill she was making fun of people for doing, which was getting new ear piercings

After a slight pause, the trending sound continued and said, "that's not a coping skill."

For some, getting a new piercing might be a coping skill and many people within the comments agreed to it being one. Even in her caption, Fiona said, " is 😅."

A commenter said,"Yes it is! 😂 got two yesterday (conch and daith)." Another person said, "Literally me trying to figure out what else to pierce when I have a double lobe, helix, conch, tragus, and rook already 😂."

This person brought up a good point about getting new ear piercings. They said, "No..... BUT it sure does make me feel cuter!"

At some point, there won't be anymore available space to get a new ear piercing, but we totally get it. You can't be sad, if you go get a piercing. Once you get it, all you focus on is the piercing healing correctly and figuring out how to sleep.