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Piercer Shows How No Pull Disks Help Remove Piercing Bumps

These are a life saver

One of the most annoying things to experience after getting a piercing is for it to develop a piercing bump. These pesky bumps can be painful and hard to get rid of. 

This TikToker shared a hack to get rid of them by using no pull disks.

London piercer @metalmorphosis recommended that you try a no pull disk to help alleviate the piercing bump's irritation.

"They are completely normal and very easy to fix," she said. She said the first thing to do is change the jewelry from a hoop to a stud. Once you've done this place the no pull disk onto the jewelry.

"They fit onto the bar and stop the movement, which is essentially what causes the irritation," she said. In her video, she showed how these disks could be worn on nose and ear piercings.

Within the comments, she revealed that it should take about four weeks for an irritation bump to go away when using a no pull disk. 

Commenters shared what they've done to get rid of piercing bumps and how helpful this tip was. 

"Ohhhh this makes sense. I've the daith done. I'm always moving it without noticing. I've a bump. woops," one person said. Another person said, "sea salt and and boiled water worked for me."

Someone asked, "Do you have to change the disc? Or you keep one disc on for a few weeks?"

@Metalmorphosis responded, "You leave it on for about 4 weeks & it will go! You just need to clean the piercing with saline & a cotton bud as well :)."

These no pull disks might do the trick to rid yourself of irritation bumps.