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Piercer Gives Educational Run Down About Horizontal Piercing and Why Many Piercers Don’t Do Them Anymore

Let's take some notes!

Although you could technically pierce every part of your body, doesn't mean you should. However, some people want to be so different, they would try anything - such as dermal piercings on their face. To each their own, of course - but keep in mind not every piercing is considered safe.

Piercer @space_case explains in his stitch video with another creator named Imani, why certain piercings are definitely not recommended, and here is why. Let's check it out. 

Wow! That's a lot of tongue piercings. I've never seen anyone have more than two, maximum. 

However, to be clear these are horizontal surface piercings - also known as "snake eyes" piercings - and are usually done on the tip of the tongue. This piercing is done with a curved barbell and enters the tongue horizontally, whereas a regular tongue piercing would be pierced through the tongue vertically. 

As @space_case says in his video,

"[...] we all know at this point in time - they're not good. Horizontal tongue piercings just should not be done anymore."

This is because horizontal tongue piercings are not considered to be safe. As they can chip the teeth, cause gum irritation, as well as damage the two muscles it's piercing through. It can also oftentimes be rejected, and therefore cause permanent scarring. You could also develop an infection, develop a speech impediment, or accidentally swallow the jewelry. 

He continues by saying,

"Piercers out there unfortunately will still do them. Most of the industry has stopped doing them - for good reason. But there are still piercers out there who don't care and they just want your money now."

However, reputable piercing shops and piercers would refuse, as even the original creator agreed but also doesn't care, as long as the piercer is licensed. 

TikTok was confused at first regarding the horizontal part but eventually, it made sense, and many agreed that the piercer knows probably best.

As TikToker @afoggyview commented,

"I consider it a green flag if a piercer says they don’t do any of those dangerous piercings."


And TikToker @nyxxeon_ posted,

"I used to have a regular vertical tongue piercing, then it broke one of my fillings and I swore it off for the rest of my life lol."

I took my tongue piercing out too, as it chipped my front teeth and irritated my gums.