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Piercer Shares Her Icks Her Clients Do That Drive Her Crazy

Do you twist your fresh piercing?

Being a tattoo artist or a body piercer has its pros and cons just like any other profession. Unfortunately, a lot of the cons have to do with their clients and the things they do (or don't do).

This piercer shared client icks that she and other piercers have.

The look of irritability was all over @obsidianbodypiercing's face when she listed these icks. 

She listed twisting a fresh piercing as the first one, and this sounds absurd. It's so fresh (and probably still hurts), how could anyone immediately begin playing with their piercing?

Other icks included tea tree oil and when clients sleep on their piercing. We totally understand the diy piercing guns ick because why haven't you learned to do better already?

Within the comments, she was quick to add a little tidbit of advice for those who complained about the sleep ick.

"For those asking “well how do I sleep then” try and avoid getting pierced on the ear you sleep on, or use a travel pillow🕺🏻," she said. 

Commenters admitted how they have done some of these things and we're guilty ourselves.

"I slept on my helix from the day i got it and then acted surprised when i got irritation bumps," one person said. Another person said, "my industrial piercing is a mess i have no idea how to help it but now idk what to do bc people tell me tea tree oil and others say no to it 😭."

She responded letting this commenter know that tea tree oil sometimes can be too strong for some people.

Be honest, do you do any of these things? Some of these we didn't even think were an ick to our piercers.