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Piercer Shares Annoying Text She Received From Client Who Changed Piercing Too Soon

Listen when piercers tell you when you can change your jewelry

Being a piercer must require a lot of patience. Yes, they must deal with people's reactions to piercings, but they also must deal with clients who do not know how to follow directions. 

This piercer shared how she feels receiving text messages from clients who don't listen and how they nearly send her over the edge.

You know someone is angry when their eye starts to twitch, and unfortunately, that's what piercer @bodyblingbeauty did getting this text from a client. 

The text on her video said, "me staring at the 'I changed my nose piercing to a hoop & it got a bump so I took it out because my sister said it was infected' text from my client I pierced two weeks ago."

Sheesh, we know that really must grind a piercer's gears when their clients decide to ignore all advice and instructions given to them about after care. 

The piercing was probably still sore when they decided to change it to a hoop. To be honest, it takes a while to even know how to clean your piercing with the starter ring in it, so we're curious how this client managed to even get a hoop in while it's not even healed.

Inevitably, everyone who's ever been pierced before transforms into a professional and can tell you what's wrong with your piercing, like the client's sister. @bodyblingbeauty has a face full of piercings and does it for a living, so we'd take her word over anyone else's.

Commenters could relate to the client and shared reasons why they got a bump or even decided to switch their jewelry sooner than later.

One person said, "Okay but like i got it pierced then after a month got a bump that wouldn't go away and then i changed to a hoop and it went away. So i am confusion."

Another person said, "the bars on my nostril piercings are so long i can’t take it anymore 😭😭."

If you do nothing else, please listen to @bodyblingbeauty's advice. "Please wait 6 months+ to change your nostril piercing to a hoop! bumps do not always = infection, always ask your piercer so you don't get misinformed," she said. Ask a professional, please.