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Client Suggests Cuddling as a Requirement After Getting Piercings

Would you let your piercer hold you afterwards?

Let's be honest, tattoos and piercings require some level of pain and tolerance. Some people can handle it and take it, while others need some coaching and comfort through the process.

This client has a suggestion for the first after care step that takes place immediately after the piercing is done.

TikToker @sour_patchkid_ needs a little bit more time and affection from these piercers.

"I would have a lot more piercings if there was an option to be held by your piercer for a little bit after you're done," she said. 

She is kind of onto something because no one piercing feels the same and certain parts of the body have more sensitivity than others. 

With a nose piercing, it's common for people's eyes to water and a tear to drop, but what if a person started balling their eyes out? It could happen. You never know.

"That sh*t is scary," she said. "You need to cuddle me a little bit before you send me off onto the streets.

Getting pierced is scary, but it's also not. It's mainly your nerves and leading up to it. But also, we consent to get pierced, so you have to just deal with it to get the look or chicken out. 

Commenters shared their thoughts about this need for cuddling after piercings.

"My piercer is so nice, we just sit and talk for a little while after while I calm down 😌," one person said. Another person said, "Reason why I bring my boyfriend with me 😅."

Okay so if this were a thing, how long do you think the cuddling needs to last, say up to 15 minutes? How do you charge for that and is mandatory? Should their cuddling skills warrant tips? We have so many questions.