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Piercing Apprentice Shares One Thing That Drives Her Crazy

FYI, Cleaning your piercing continues after it's healed.

Cleaning your piercing is so important for the healing process. You don't want it to get infected or for the open wound to get all dirty and clumpy.

Apparently, the after care steps go out the window once your piercing is healed and this piercer has had enough of her client's shenanigans.

Piercing apprentice @scotchtapeking found the perfect sound to express her frustration with piercing clients.

She mocked how when she asks clients what they use to clean their piercings and they respond "I don't clean it, it's healed."

At this, her eyes got wide and she mouthed to the beat of the sound you make me a little crazy (but in Spanish). We're not sure how people have come to believe this, but it's certainly not true.

Within the caption, @scotchtapeking said, "please for the love of god at least use a saline solution."

Commenters didn't agree that it was completely necessary to clean their piercing to help the healing process and revealed some of their habits. 

"I cleaned mine every day and they never healed but the moment I neglected them they healed in less than a month 💀," one person said. Another person said, "My piercings get so irritated if i clean it😭😭 i just make sure my ears are clean."

At least one person appreciated this reminder and said, "I should clean mine. thank you." Others were upset to find out this way. "Why did no one tell me this 🤨 I haven’t cleaned my septum in months bc it’s healed. Gonna go clean it now 🫡," they said.

Antibacterial soap, a q-tip, and/or a saline solution go a long way. If you haven't already please go clean your piercing.