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Body Piercer Shares 5 Things She Wouldn't Do

Ear lobe repairs are too common.

Working as a professional body piercer allows you to meet all types of people desiring all types of piercings. Oftentimes, you learn tidbits about the people you pierce in the process.

This piercer shared five things she wouldn't do after working in her profession.

Piercer @lynnleheide started off her list with the most obvious thing: don't get pierced by piercing guns.

"I wouldn't get pierced by a piercing gun at a Claire's or Piercing Pagoda, I wouldn't get pierced or tattooed by someone with no training out of the house, I think that one is self-explanatory," she said.

Lynn also said that she wouldn't get a child's ears pierced until they are much older and more mature. "I see so many little kids take their own earrings out, and babies especially, swallow them or stick them up their nose," she said.

She said she's also seen kids with scar tissue and infections because they won't allow their parents to clean their piercing.

She said that she wouldn't wear big ear jewelry or hoops, if her ears weren't stretched already.

"I see too many clients where it has ripped or torn through their ear overtime," she said. "I see too many clients needing ear lob repairs or reconstruction." With ear lobe stretching, she said that piercers can do it and it would help with weight distribution.

Because she is a piercer, Lynn said that she is picky about medical professionals that she allows to do work on her.

"I've learned so much about cross contamination and sterility working as a body piercer that I cannot tell you how many times I've gone to a hospital, a doctor's office, a dentist, to get a shot or blood drawn and seen really terrible cleaning practices and really bad cross contamination," Lynn said.

Lastly, she said she'd never get breast implants because being that she pierces nipples, she hears the most regrets and complaints about it.

It's nice to know that being professional piercer has allowed her to be able to learn so much about the body and body modifications.