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Mom Takes 3-Year-Old to Get Ears Pierced and She Handles It Like a Champ

She WANTED to get them done.

Oftentimes, kids want to get their ears pierced at an early age. However, a lot of times it's actually the parents who push this idea onto their kids or even pierce their child's ears, as young as six months. While I think that's way too young, most parents also take their kids to regular jewelry places - which can be traumatizing. Because these places often use the wrong jewelry, which can come with complications during the healing process.

However, this wasn't the case for mom and TikTok creator Savannah Raine, who shares in her video that her 3-year-old was the one who insisted on getting her ears pierced. Let's check it out!

She did it!

The parents also did a great job and prepared her prior to this event, with success. She also seems to like her freshly pierced ears, as she enjoys showing them off

PiercingTok loved this little champ, too, and cheered on the parents for not taking her to places like Claire's that use piercing guns, but to an actual piercing shop. 

As TikToker @refriedwasp commented,

"Thank you for taking her to a professional piercer."

I agree. I am still traumatized from when I got my ears pierced as a kid, at a generic jewelry store. My ears were on fire!

And TikToker @bryannbeee said,

"What a rockstar!"

Indeed, she is. She didn't even flinch a muscle or cry!

Another TikToker (@mallow.bee) wrote,

"Yes, so refreshing to see someone take the kids to a real piercer shop. So much less traumatizing/ more chance for them to heal properly!"

Seriously. It helps that her parents have piercings themselves.