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This Is a Sign You Need to Get Your Pet Tattooed on You

How cute is this?

People these days get the craziest designs tattooed on them, such as a color photorealism tattoo of their favorite rapper, like Eminem. Others get their lover's name tattooed. However, what is also rising in popularity are pet portraits or paws. 

Tattoo artist @gypsinktattoo shares in their video how a client got their pittie tattooed on them. 

Doesn't this look so adorable? Makes me want to get my pittie and cat tattooed!

This is done in black and grey photorealism and although this is a smaller tattoo, it is not considered a micro tattoo. I love how detailed and realistic it looks and I am wondering how long it took.

Every artist works at a different pace, and artists who are more experienced tend to eventually pick up their speed, but time is also money - especially getting paid by the hour. Aside from that, the artist also wants to make sure the work is done nicely, and rushing a tattoo artist is never good. 

However, the duration of the tattoo also depends on the client. Such as the client's pain tolerance, if the client is bleeding a lot due to consuming alcohol prior, and if the client ate before. These factors can delay the process. 

Therefore, it is always crucial to prepare yourself for a tattoo session, starting 24 hours prior to the appointment to get the best possible results. 

And lastly, you obviously don't have to wait until your favorite pet passes to the other side of the rainbow - you can get a nice memory of your furry best friend tattooed at any given moment.