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Artist Shows What Will Happen if a Minor Comes Into the Shop Without a Guardian

Sorry, thems the rules.

Depending on the state you live in, the requirements to get tattooed are usually to be at least 18 years of age. Some states, however, allow minors to get pierced or tattooed with their parent present. With that said, some teenagers still try to give it a shot.

Tattoo shop Sacred Art Tattoo in Connecticut demonstrates in their video what usually happens when a minor wants to get tattooed without their legal guardian present. Let's find out more. 

As the caption reads,

"POV: A minor comes into the Tattoo Shop with no parent/guardian expecting to get tattooed! No tattoo for you, not today anyway."

I can't blame the kid for at least trying. I pulled the same as a 16-year-old but was also unsuccessful.

There's also a reason behind this. Since it's a minor, and they need their parent's consent, the parents can sue the tattoo shop. However, there are also a few factors that matter if parents can sue the shop, such as if the minor had a fake ID to get tattooed. 

Therefore, if you're in a state that allows minors to get tattooed with their parent's permission, the parent has to be present and bring an ID, as well as a birth certificate.

Unsurprisingly, some people on TikTok were surprised; others understood because teenagers will be teenagers.

As TikToker @pvtat mentioned,

"They are always so mad. Rules are rules."


And TikToker @daddy_q98 commented,

"They leave mad then find a friend to do it 'cheaper'."

Hopefully, that is rare, but yes it could happen. Especially these days, when everyone wants to become a tattoo artist. 

Another TikToker (@titty_tobii), posted,

"It's so funny, they act all surprised like it's against the law."

They might not be aware of the consequences the tattoo shop and artist can face if they allow a minor to get tattooed, without their legal guardian present.