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Woman Pokes Fun at the Gruesome Nipple Piercing Healing Process

It's the crying on the floor...

When you join the piercing club, you start to notice how many people have the same piercing as you.

This woman jokingly makes fun of how people with nipple piercings believe everyone wants to be like them. 

TikToker @lumenhigh definitely found the most perfect sounds to show what people with nipple piercings go through. 

She does a dialogue (with herself, of course) of a person with and without a nipple piercing

Lumenhigh acted out what people living happily without nipple piercings would say and she said, "I mean, what if I don't want live the way you live?"

As a person soaking her nipple piercing in a cup on the floor with a tear stained face filter, she responded, "Well don't be ridiculous Andrea, everybody wants this."

She showed herself crying on the floor, but more dramatically as the video ended.

Commenters had some things to say about nipple piercings healing time and didn't hold back in the comments section. 

"Everyone saying they healed quickly are fr lying, it took a year for mine to heal they’re now fully healed," one person said. Another person said, "Be afraid of loofahs. I speak from experience."

One person mentioned that after a year, their nipple piercings are still crusting over. Someone with a bridge piercing pointed out the fact that a nipple piercing can be cleaned in more ways than one. 

They said, "At least you can dip your piercing a bowl. When I clean my bridge piercing I have a spray bottle gets in my eyes 😂🥲."

We're not sure if having nipple piercings are something that everyone wants to have or be a part of, but for those who can manage the healing process, we sure hope they are worth it.