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This Piercing Hack Will Make It a Breeze to Sleep With New Ear Piercings

This is genius!

If you are an OG in the piercing game, you know that getting a new piercing is always a pain in the buttocks. And it is not necessarily getting the piercing itself, but more so the aftercare. Especially if you get any piercings on your ears - good luck trying to get a good night's sleep. 

Because it is nearly impossible, as it is uncomfortable. However, TikToker and piercing enthusiast @jenanabanana discovered a great hack for new ear piercings, as she shares in her video. 

This is genius and makes sleeping a lot more comfortable!

Although this creator used a travel pillow prior, she mentioned that they tend to move a lot and are not as comfortable as this pillow from the brand Mono Pillow - which is extra designed for ears. 

Whether it's freshly pierced ears, older piercings, or ears with headphones in them, the point in designing this pillow was to make it comfortable for the ears while sleeping. As most generic pillows add a lot of pressure to the ear and it certainly hurts more having piercings, not to mentioned freshly pierced ears. And if you are a side sleeper, this is for you. 

If you mostly sleep on your back, a regular pillow will certainly do the job. Regardless of the pillow, if you have longer hair - make sure you put it up at night, as you want to avoid it accidentally getting tangled in your freshly pierced ears. Especially the industrial, as well as any other cartilage piercings are tricky.