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Tattoo Artist Shares Story Where Client Requested a Cover-up 12 Hours After Getting Wife’s Name Tattooed

It wasn't even a complete 24 hours later

Getting tattoos together seems to be an activity that many couples do. Whether it be matching tattoos or name tattoos, plenty of people decide to get a tattoo with their lover. 

This tattoo artist shared a funny story, where he tattooed spouses' names on each other, just to turn around and have to cover them.

"Got to love the couples names," Texas tattoo artist @mr.tatt3d said in his caption. He re-enacted a couple that came in for name tattoos. 

"Hey me and my wife want to get each other's names on the sides of our necks," the client said. @Mr.tatt3d assured them that they can do that for them.

The next day he gets a call and it's the same husband. "Yeah, I'd like to go ahead and schedule an appointment to get her name covered up on my neck," he said. 

@Mr.tatt3d said to the man that it's been 12 hours since he last saw them. The client told him how when they left the tattoo shop, they went home and had a huge fight that resulted in her leaving him. 

"I'm sorry to hear that man," he said. "That's unfortunate, but yeah, we can schedule something for your cover up."

Commenters shared their thoughts about name tattoos and this situation. "Names are such a bad idea, do matching artworks that make sense independently," one person suggested. Another commenter said, "That was a last effort to make it work. And it didn’t lol."

Another person said, "I used the tattoo curse to my advantage, the relationship was over but wasn't ending so I got her initials tattooed on my hand. 2 months later ✌." Damn, that is so messed up. 

Think really long and hard before getting your lover's name tattooed, there apparently is a curse that goes along with them.