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Tattoo Artists Share the Tattoos They Never Want to Do Again

Did your tattoo idea make the list?

To be a tattoo artist, you obviously must like to draw, sketch, and bring images to life for your clients. But where do some tattoo artists draw the line, if ever? 

They probably won't tell you that they hate your tattoo idea or that it's been done so many times, but that doesn't mean that they can't get tired of tattooing it.

Several tattoo artists share tattoos they'd love to never tattoo again.


Fort Wayne, Indiana tattoo artists at Meraki Tattoo Studios did not hold back as they expressed their honest opinions about people's tattoo ideas in this video.

Tattoo artist Emma said that she does not and will not tattoo spouses' names ever again.

“It’s terrible. It’s bad luck. You’re going to regret it. Don’t do it.”

Another tattoo artist mentioned how snakes and dragons are cool, but they have so many scales that have to be tattooed.

Literally, every single scale has to be outlined and shaded. Sheesh, well when you put like that, that's definitely repetitive and annoyingly time consuming. 

Commenters took this video with a grain a salt as they shared what tattoos they have and regret and are even considering. 

"Spouse’s name= future divorce," one said, while another commenter said, "Me sitting here planning a dragon tattoo 👁👄👁."

Did these tattoo artists mention any tattoo that you have? Don't let their opinions stop you from getting that mom inside of a heart tattoo.