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Watch This Woman Get a Mental Health-Inspired Tattoo We All Need

It makes sense.

Mental health has become the most talked about topic since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and people not only advocate for it but also raise awareness. The same goes for body positivity, such as this self-love tattoo

Tattoo artist @sixtyink shares in her video, a special tattoo her client chose to get tattooed that represents their mental health.

It's such a cute constellation. A cloud is often used to represent the mind or the brain and works great as a metaphor for mental health.

As you can see in the video, the design is a raincloud with flowers coming out instead of raindrops, however, it is still representing rain in a way.  

Recently, many tattoo artists have created tattoo flashes dedicated to mental health and mental health disorders, such as anxiety. And these tattoo designs have certainly risen in popularity. The same goes for tattoo designs advocating for autism. 

Where it used to be taboo to talk about one's own mental health - and mental health in general - has become more socially acceptable, kind of like tattoos nowadays. 

Therefore, people who suffer from internal pain and stress would release that by getting tattooed, such as this client did in the video. 

I must say, this is pretty relatable and just makes sense, as one own's mental health, as well as self-expression, are so important and valuable. I also view getting tattooed as a form of therapy. Both are painful and quite expensive and it is hard to say which one has the long-lasting effect - but a tattoo is most certainly permanent.