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Woman’s Medusa Piercing Became Embedded and Ended Up Requiring Surgery

This looks so painful

Medusa piercings are so cute because they sit in the little groove above your lip and bring attention to your lips and smile.

This TikToker didn't get to enjoy her piercing for too long, as it became embedded into her lip, requiring it to be surgically removed.

Swelling is normal when you first get a medusa or lip piercing, but each clip that TikToker @redd.russian showed leading up to the removal showed her lip becoming even more swollen than the last.

Sadly, her piercing jewelry was not visible on the inside of her lip. It is typical for tongue and lip piercings to nest, or sink into the skin a little, but when it becomes embedded that means tissue or skin has grown over the piercing.

One of the reasons why her piercing may have become embedded is because the jewelry was too short.

Fortunately for @redd.russian, she still has a cute septum piercing to wear if she chooses to let this piercing close.

This video was enough for several commenters to consider changing their mind about getting a medusa piercing. "I didn’t need to see this just as I’m thinking about getting it," one person said.

Others shared their experiences and had questions for @redd.russian and wanted to know how getting it surgically removed went.

"Did it hurt getting it surgically removed?? I’m in the same situation rn 😩😩😭," one person said.

She responded, "Yes I’m not gone lie. They have to stick a needle up your lip . And numb it. And then cut it out but you do feel some type of pain. But once it’s out it’ll heal quickly . Mines healed over night."

A commenter said, "Ouchy almost happened to me because the lady who did it decided to put a small stud smh."

If you're unsure if your piercing is healing correctly, be sure to contact your piercer. It might save you a trip to the hospital and save your piercing altogether.