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Artist Does Insanely Realistic Medusa Leg Sleeve on Sister and It’s So Powerful

What a stunning piece of work

Personally, I think photorealism tattoos are the most challenging. I'd assume tattoo artists just know all that by drawing it out first with charcoal or pencils and then doing the same process but with ink and a tattoo needle instead. I guess it's somewhat similar but practice makes perfect. 

And when it comes to color photorealism tattoos, like this one of rapper Eminem, I think that's even more challenging. I mean as an artist, you just have to know where to add the shading - especially with color. It helps - of course - to have a program such as ProCreate, to design a stunning piece as tattoo artist Danny Polanco (@d.tattsla) did with this black and grey realism Medusa tattoo.

It looks epic! I wonder how long it took him to finish. 

As you can see, the tattoo is on the lower leg of his client. And the way he designed it, was by taking a photo of his client's leg, creating a bigger version of it, and then adding images to be layered, almost like in Adobe Photoshop. 

And that's pretty much it. 

He added a woman's side profile, snakes, flowers, a hand, a collar that works as a border, and cracks so it gives it the illusion of a statue. By layering them, he created the final design for the tattoo, and then he just printed out a stencil, applied it on his client's leg, and started tattooing.

ProCreate is a great program to help bring a design to life and execute it well in half the time. However, the artist still needs to have mastered the skill of tattooing, as well as specializing in black and grey photorealism, just like Danny here. 

Looking at the comments section of this video, TikTok was quite impressed.