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Man Explains His Unique Tattoo and It’s Inspiring Everyone

He’s proud of himself and so are we!

Imagine being told that you will never walk or live past 4-years-old. Having so many odd against you since birth, but you still find a way to cherish life and strive for greatness.

This man's explanation and story about his tattoo of the number 6.2 on his wrist is the definition of perseverance.

"I was born HIV positive and disabled," TikToker @josephakibler said. "I was told I may not live beyond 4-years-old and if I did I may not walk."

This video is so touching because Joseph is obviously not a 4-year-old boy and is standing up with the help of his cane. 

"I went from wheelchair to crutches to a cane," he said. Joseph shared that in 2011, he wanted to walk 6.2 miles with his cane and be a part of the LA Aids Walk. 

"I've accomplished it," he said. What a great testimony! He is unstoppable.

Commenters were moved by Joseph's story and expressed their gratitude for his journey.

"I’m so proud of you. We’re all so proud of you!!! Congrats! 🫶," one person said. Another said, "U are amazing!!! A miracle and even on those days when they seem to be tougher know u were brought into this world to do amazing things! I don’t know u and I’m so very proud of u 👍🏼."

As it turns out, someone in the comments was also a part of that 2011 walk and had kind words for him. "It brings me so much warmth to know we both walked that day even if we didn’t know each other 🥺💜," they said.

"This tattoo reminds me of that moment and of my journey everyday," Joseph said. Be like Joseph and don't let anything stop you. Let us know if you have a tattoo with a deep meaning.