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This Guy Is Getting a Massive Snake Tattooed and It Looks Trippy

So much detail!

It seems as if every year a new style comes out or a popular design is favored by many tattoo collectors. Whether, it's tiny tattoos, fine-line tattoos, or a certain type of animal such as a bull's skull or a goat's head, snakes have also become extremely popular. 

A client of tattoo artist Kristina Kheme (@kristinakheme) requested a massive neo-traditional snake tattoo on the back of his leg, and it is massive!

It looks stunning! Detailed and so bright! I love the color combo, especially the fact she incorporated red ink into it. Makes the tattoo pop.

Snakes can be tricky, as they have so many parts to them, the rings on the inside of their body, and millions of scales. According to Kristina, it took about eight hours but split into two sessions. That's what I was wondering, as it is so big. It literally starts at the back of his thigh and goes down to the client's calf muscle.

And yes, you guessed it right. The back of your leg is quite painful to tattoo, especially the back of the knee. Let's hope she or her client used some type of tattoo-numbing cream. And if not, he must be a trooper. 

The TattooTok community also loved how it turned out, according to the comments section. Many people commented saying that it looks so good, and others mentioned how painful the spot behind the knee must be. I guess they know. 

One TikToker commented,

"Knee pit gotta feel crazy good."

The armpits feel better, so I've heard.