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Watch As This Tattoo Artist Gives Herself a Massive Chest Tattoo

Wow! That's commitment!

There is a lot that can be done when you're a tattoo artist, such as giving yourself hand-poked sparkles on your forehead or going even bigger.

Just like tattoo artist Sammy G. did. To kill some time, she decided to update her chest tattoo and it's quite the process.

What does your average Wednesday look like?

Looking at this makes me cringe! Because as someone with a chest tattoo, I can tell you from first-hand experience that this hurts. Like a lot!

She is so brave to tattoo her own chest. I mean speaking of commitment, because otherwise, you end up with a half-finished chest piece, like myself. And I didn't even give myself a tattoo!

As you can see, she already had a tattoo on her chest but wasn't happy with it, so she decided to give it a makeover and make it even bigger. I mean if you have that level of skills, why not?

It looks great though! I love the bright colors!

Other people also thought that was quite impressive, as TikToker @todd_angus commented,

"I can't even brush my teeth in the mirror without going the wrong way."

I get it, mirror work is confusing!

TikToker @shep577 wrote,

"Now that’s talented."

It sure is!

Another person (@dumbfartbag95) said,

"Me not even being able to part my hair right in the mirror. your dexterity is amazing."

Sammy did mention that it was extremely difficult but at least she knew what she was doing.

I can barely dye my own hair using a mirror, so I wouldn't dare try to tattoo myself in the mirror, even if I was a tattoo artist.