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Woman’s Double Mastectomy Tattoo Is a Gorgeous Reminder of Finding the Beauty In the Darkest of Times

She’s a warrior.

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of those things that can catch you off guard and really put life into perspective. To fight cancer takes a lot of strength, and unfortunately not everyone overcomes the diagnosis.

 This woman beat breast cancer and received an amazing tattoo cover up for her mastectomy scars.

@stessiesunshine was brave enough to share here double mastectomy cover up tattoo journey and we're so happy she survived and celebrated herself.

Through several images, she shared her before and after pictures from the surgery, and once her breasts were healed.

In her before photos, we can see that she lost all of her hair and underwent chemotherapy sessions. We even see her chest wrapped while healing and the scars the mastectomy left after her procedure.

Apparently Stessie booked a trip and traveled to get her tattoo and by this time, her hair had visibly grown back and she looked healthy and so ready for her transformation.

Getting this cover up appeared to be an emotional experience for Stessie, as she showed herself crying at the sight of her beautiful flowers across her chest

We can't even imagine how much strength and courage it took to go through this process.

Commenters were also emotional and proud of her."🥰 This touched my heart deeply🥰 your strength n bravery radiates through time 🥰," one person said. Another person said, "This is beautiful you are beautiful 🥰."

This was so beautiful to witness and we're so amazed by her story and flower tattoo reveal. We're so proud of you @stessiesunshine!