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This Marvel Patchwork Sleeve Is Too Perfect

The Avengers assembled beautifully on her arm.

If you haven't heard of patchwork tattoos, you must be living under a rock or not be on social media. Patchwork tattoos are basically tattoos that could follow a theme - or style - but which aren't connected and randomly placed on the client's arm, leg, torso, or back. 

Tattoo enthusiast and TikTok creator Linds shares in her video, a rather unique patchwork theme to follow. Let's check it out!

This so cool - and quite unique!

What a fun idea!

I like that it's not all black linework but also a few pops of color here and there. 

As shown in the video, she already has a few random but cool tattoos, so why not add a few more in honor of the Avengers?

TikTok loved it too.

This TikToker (@csparks825) commented,

"I’m working on a marvel patchwork sleeve too! Yours looks amazing!!"

Wow! Who knew there were so many die-hard Marvel fans out. 

And TikToker @cassiegilliss wrote,

"This is so dope omg."

I agree, although I'm not a Marvel fan - it's well executed.

Another TikToker (@howe_about_no) wrote,

"Not me wanting to erase my tattoos and start again."

I know the feeling, but unrelated to Marvel. 

I wonder what her next theme of patchwork tattoos will be. She clearly has a lot more room to fill, which means thinking about some more cool options. Another unique one would be Looney Tunes! 

Maybe she'll also add a Disney theme, or Warner Bros.? I think this could work too and would look pretty cool.