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Watch as This Woman Gets a Different Kind of Nose Piercing Done

Wow! But ouch...

Some people might think that piercings and tattoos are like trends, and they aren't so wrong with that. Piercers and body modification enthusiasts have become bolder over time by trying out new areas to be pierced, such as facial dermal piercings

The piercers of @bepierced demonstrate in their video a rather unusual nostril piercing called the "mantis piercing" which might be a new trend now. Let's check it out!

Wow and ouch come to my mind!

I think it looks pretty cool, and almost looks like a surface piercing, at first glance. However, it is considered a regular nostril piercing - just on the front of the nose, and pierced with a different type of jewelry. A mantis piercing is actually pierced with a labret stud and is usually pierced perpendicular. 

Regarding the healing process, it could take 1 - 2 months longer than your traditional nostril piercing, but might also need some extra TLC, as it tends to get caught on towels or shirts a lot more. 

When it comes to the pain level, it might be similar to a regular nostril piercing but it depends on the person, and even more important - the experience of the piercer. With that said, definitely seek out an experienced piercer who has done mantis piercings before, as not every piercer does them.

TikTok was in aw with this.

As TikToker @anniemcm8 commented,

"So so cool!"

I agree, but I just stick to my standard nostril piercing. 

And TikToker @lucy.hxlder posted,

"Haven't seen someone suit this as well as her."

Agreed. I also haven't seen this on anyone I know.

Would you get this one done?